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Community Spend Prop - January 2024 ASH DAO

ASH DAO are requesting funds from the community pool in order to fund work to further the Migaloo ecosystem.


The ASH DAO are a group of individuals that organically came together and formed through the Migaloo community discord. The Seven Founding Fathers go under the handles: L0rd Ginge, Razzein, H0ly F0lly, DB, Bkeeper, CryptoMayorEd, and Snaaacky - each having individually garnered a strong reputation in the Cosmos (and Terra) ecosystem. ASH DAO have set on a mission to support, grow, and further the Migaloo ecosystem, our validators, and all the protocols therein. By concentrating on $ASH the health and price of $Whale and thus all other assets are affected as $ASH is the product of burning $Whale in an attempt to control inflation.

Previous Accomplishments

Creation of ASH DAO multisig —

This Enterprise DAO serves as the Treasury for ASH DAO and is made of 6 of the Founding Fathers and Sen Com. This multisig will attempt to grow assets with the intent to support $ASH, $WHALE, and all MIgaloo blockchain tokens, validators, and protocols.

Public Awareness Campaign for Osmosis Proposals #694, 702, 708 “Sail With the Whale” — Upon formation, the ASH DAO immediately jumped into action attempting to drum up awareness and support for the flailing Prop #694 which had the misfortune of a major Osmosis validator voting no very quickly and setting almost impossible odds of passing. Nevertheless, the ASH DAO led a dramatic public relations charge that helped many well-known and important validators decide to vote yes, many even publicly acknowledging the work of ASH DAO members being the reason for their changing their vote from NO to YES. This was the beginning of ASH DAO’s mission to support the Migaloo Ecosystem. We have continued this with new video initiatives for Prop #702 & #708.

Bringing new Validators and projects to Migaloo Ecosystem — ASH DAO members were vital in helping bring both Gelotto and Crypto Dungeon validators into the Migaloo ecosystem. DB is also a founder of the new validator WhaleyDAO. The team have also been active behind the scenes in setting up discussions with projects who are engaged in OTC deals to have their projects on the WhiteWhale Dex. The connections of ASH DAO members are helping the movement to make interchain realities a connection, all the while working in consultation with the Migaloo leadership to ensure it is in line with the established vision. Social Media presence — ASH DAO members are hosting and attending many Twitter space calls and Discord community talks to help bring awareness to the Migaloo system. CryptoMayorEd, H0ly F0lly, and Lord Ginge are regular hosts of various shows and have appeared alongside important figures across Cosmos including CryptoTank, Jake Hartnell, Cosmos Joe, Crypto Dungeon, Gelotto, RACfm, Rarma, Finn, Terraspaces, Don Cryptonium, and many others. ASH DAO is helping correct many misconceptions of Migaloo and opening new eyes to our ecosystem’s existence. Of course, they are not the only ones doing this, but it has been a significant boost since the formation of ASH DAO. Most recently, Snaaacky has created a definitive Twitter thread introducing the entire MIgaloo ecosystem in all it complexity.

Launching $GUPPY — The team was responsible for the launch of the fairest and fastest meme airdrop ever in Cosmos history. Our missions model is now being adopted by many other airdrops, further blessing the Migaloo ecosystem. The $Guppy launch culminated in a massive spike across almost all metrics regarding Migaloo and every integrated protocol including Eris, Ginkou, Backbone Labs, and RAC. This airdrop resulted in:

Increased TVL Increased Trading Volume Increased community attention Increased wallet activity Increased awareness of Migaloo dApps

Launching Guppy DAO —

The ASH DAO team created a new DAODAO on Migaloo chain for $GUPPY holders. It has already grown and attracted talented members who are working to use Super $Guppy to reach outside of the Migaloo system to bring awareness of $WHALE, its validators, and all related protocols. The Guppy Meme is meant to survey as a messenger, ambassador, and educator on all things Migaloo in the Cosmos and beyond into the wider Cryptoverse. ASH DAO has already created an engaging video teaching other crypto users how to onboard into the Migaloo ecosystem and has charged Guppy DAO with taking up this mission with us. The two DAOs already have a vibrant and intrinsic relationship.

Future Goals

ASH Fall NFTs - our flagship NFT collection with utility to be launched on Backbone Labs. The premiere video was very well received and our plans will exceed that level of professionalism.

Guppy Yuppies NFTs - an NFT collection to be launched off-chain to help raise awareness of Migaloo. This is an ASH DAO gift to Guppy DAO to help transition their focus on using Super $Guppy to raise awareness.

Cross Chain Furnace Flywheel and game apps - the goal is to possibly burn new tokens to forms of ASH (ex. luncASH, huahuaASH, etc). This will include community challenges called “GAME OF ASHES” including burning festivals, DAO wars and chain and meme competitions. The furnace has already started with the first coin other than $Whale to be burned being $Guppy, resulting in the new burn token $gASH. This token will be used for a WL for the Guppy Yuppies NFT series, as well as future use cases including planned games.

OTC Deals, validator engagement, and project partnerships - ASH DAO will continue tto further connect and solidify Migaloo’s position within the interchian community.

Marketing campaigns - ASH DAO pledges to continue our state-of-the-art marketing initiatives to help draw awareness of Migaloo, its constituent validators and protocols, and how they operate. Videos, social media, and personal campaigns will bring more eyes on our special blockchain family.

Our Ask

To help fund our future goals the ASH DAO are requesting:

1,000,000 $WHALE

This WHALE will be sent from the Community Pool to the Migaloo Foundation which will send it to ASH DAO subjected to vesting of 20% upfront and the remaining 80% to be vested over the next 12 months.

Our Commitment

With these funds, ASH DAO commits to building up the Migaloo ecosystem, its validators, and every associated protocol through all means at our disposal.

Having already done a campaign where we helped generate the highest volume in 24 hours on the White Whale Dex, we plan to not only replicate but exceed such initiatives going forward. We had over 3000 accounts interact with the airdrop missions, and more than 500k $Whale burned, and have learned a lot about building on this achievement.

Every day we contact other communities about OTC deals and we will continue to work with various communities to continue to grow Migaloo.

We believe helping drive more transactions on Migaloo through $ASH and $Guppy will benefit everyone in the ecosystem. Burning $Whale will continue to be a priority to help price action, and efforts to onboard people from the Cosmos ecosystem through expanding the Furnace will result in concrete gains in transaction volume. ASH DAO will redouble promotion efforts to raise awareness of Migaloo through partnerships with other projects, social media campaigns, reaching out especially to ETH ecosystem for liquidity, and making the furnace the go-to place to experience both the fun and utility of burning in the Cosmos.

To do this we need a sustainable resource to push forward, and pledge to steward said funds to generate ongoing yield in support of the aforesaid goals and strategies.

Thank you for voting on this proposal to allow ASH DAO to bless our Migaloo ecosystem.

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25,000 WHALE

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1Coinage x DAICAbstain
2Golden Ratio StakingAbstain
4Kalia NetworkYes
6Shutdown at 7.30.Please redelegateYes
7Cosmos SpacesYes
8Robo StakingYes
10Chill ValidationYes
11Synergy NodesAbstain
12✅ CryptoCrew Validators #IBCgangAbstain
13Lavender.Five Nodes 🐝Yes
15Smart Stake 📈📊Yes
18Orbital CommandYes
19Whaley DAOAbstain
20StakecitoYes | Daily AirdropsAbstain | Delegate for $SOUL Claim DropYes
24PFC - Stake for $SOUL airdropAbstain
26ChihuahuaYes 📈🔄Abstain
30Gelotto 🛡 Slash ProtectedYes
32AutoStake 🛡️ Slash ProtectedAbstain