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Proposal #297


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⚡Namada x Cosmos airdrop⚡

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Proposal #297 description

According to tokenomics: stakers can receive an airdrop. Claim airdrop here: ( Valid until 10.12.2024 )

Snapshot: 09.04.2024

Conditions: The minimum amount of each token is the equivalent of $200 at the time of the snapshot.

Tokens are allocated in proportion to the balance of every blockchain address accessible during the snapshot time.

Supported networks:


Proposal #297 overview

Total votes
Total deposit
1,000 SCRT

Proposal #297 votes



Account Address

Options | Auto-compoundNo With Veto
2Cosmonaut Stakes SCRTNo With Veto
3Node.MonsterNo With Veto
4Chorus OneNo With Veto
5🌱 DAppNo With Veto
6Coinage x DAICNo With Veto
7FreshSTAKINGNo With Veto
8secretSauce 🍯No With Veto
9WhisperNode 🤐No With Veto
10AgoraNodesNo With Veto
11crosnestNo With Veto
12cosmosrescueNo With Veto
13Lavender.Five Nodes 🐝No With Veto
14SpaceStakeNo With Veto
15✅ CryptoCrew Validators #IBCgangNo With Veto
16Stakely.ioNo With Veto
17ObiNo With Veto
18Earn NetworkNo With Veto
19KeplrNo With Veto
20w3coinsNo With Veto
2101nodeNo With Veto
22Trivium | Trivium.NetworkNo With Veto | Daily AirdropsNo With Veto
24ELYSIUMNo With Veto
25Citadel.oneNo With Veto